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I'm Not Going To Settle For Myself.

Hey Beautiful People,

Sometimes it’s the voice that tries to talk me out of what God wants for me or wants me to do.

It’s Satan too, don’t leave him out but some days, I have to talk with myself, rebuke myself and tell myself to get out of the way! 

When I’m trying to stay clean, the voices in my mind will try to have conversations with me but I must remain in an AUTHORITATIVE STATE!

I have to continue DRINKING of the Living Water, Listening to the Shepherd, Entering into the Door, Eating of the Bread, Being guided by the Light, Accompanying Jesus Personally. Understanding the extent of the christian walk was not only loving Jesus but it’s also loving Judas! 

I’m Not Settling For Myself!

Whatever I have to do I’ll do, because I’m desperate for God’s Fire!

Settling for myself caused me to fall many times because of what I wanted. 

Settling for myself, I put my purported needs before the real need of  the Lord’s presence!

I learned what it meant to get out of my own way.

See the devils intention as a “thief" is to separate us from our Good Shepherd.

The One  who protects, provides, and brings us life.

He used me, to get in the way so that I’ll be separated from my Shepherd!

I’m Not Settling For Myself!

When Christ willingly sacrificed His life, He left the gift of finding true life. 

I will not rob myself of the truth! Satan knows what he’s doing. He’s extremely cunning. 

That voice, that of a stranger; I won’t listen to. 

I started to see growth, I let go and God took over and I saw a major shift.

God will expand your territory. Just be ready by doing it faithfully.

“The real evil of Masturbation, is it leads the individual out of him/herself…and turns them back, sends the person back into the prison of themselves, there to keep a harem of imaginary men or women. This harem, once admitted, works against them ever getting out and really uniting with a real person.”

  • C.S. Lewis


Almost the main work of life is to come out of ourselves, out of the little dark prison we are all born in. 

The danger is that of coming to love the prison we were in.

I love the song “Shackles” (Praise You) by Mary Mary. I remember a praise dance we put together using this particular song, for a church service one Sunday.

A part that sticks with me was “Everything that could go wrong all went wrong at one time, so much pressure fell on me I thought I was gone loose my mind. But I know You want to see if I will hold on through these trials, but I need You to lift this load, cause I can’t take it no more!” 

Verse: “Take the Shackles off my feet so I can dance. I just want to praise You! You broke the chains so I can lift my hands. And I’m going to praise You!”

This was my part to dance to. At the time I was in a relationship, had been in this mans bed the night before and praise dancing the next morning.

When my part came, the words to the song convicted me.

The Holy Spirit gave me strength

to dance out of that dead relationship, and see through the veil that kept me from seeing and noticing what was there all along.  Stifling me, and suffocating the life out of me! 

If you scramble the letters that spell VEIL, what do you get? (EVIL)

I know that messed some of you up, because it messed me up!

God is good, but because of loneliness, it puts the veil over our SPIRITUAL EYES so we can’t see the goodness that God  has for us! We’re blinded by the VEIL of Lonliness, Jealousy, Envy. 

It blinds us from the truth so we bend, we settle for the ugly that's hidden!

The loneliness; God uses it to prune us, to transform and renew amen. However I didn’t see it that way. I’m glad I finally realized what His plan was; what He was actually doing. Removing certain people, things from around me.

David was in isolation during the famine, Paul experienced isolation during his imprisonment, Joseph was isolated and sold into slavery. 

It’s the journeys of others that we see, isolation is greater than what our hearts feel in the moment. God isolates us to prepare us for a greater assignment.

Through that process, I said, “I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR MYSELF AGAIN”.

Sometimes it’s not us settling for certain things or people. We’re settling for ourselves which causes us to end up in situationships, and broken families, and friendships that mean no good to us and how many of us were aware from the beginning?

To level up from settling for YOU:

  1. You must grow. (Grow and elevate from things that want to keep you down.)

  2. Prayer. The bible says that David prayed that the Lord would search him, and know his heart; test him and know his thoughts. (Psalm 139:23) Job asked God to weigh him with honest scales. (Job 31:6) God has kept me on the right track. Even after falling at times, making crazy decisions, He still so potential in me.

  3. Read your bible. We are told to hold on to instruction, do not let it go, guard it well, for it is your life.

Don't become institutionalized by the veil.

Look beyond it.

Don't settle for yourself!

Love you ladies,

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