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Introducing Myself.

Hello there, My name is Anastasia. I am an entrepreneur, founder of Save Sex Not Safe Sex.

Licensed Minister and Christian Counselor, I'm helping to guide women of faith on their healing, spiritual growth and prayer journey. 

It’s a movement to push Single Women into embracing their singleness and finding their true identity in Christ. This movement is to understand that our bodies belong to God. 

To help us know that our bodies are chosen vessels, to house the Holy Spirit and not just a collection of urges and feelings. We’re here to pursue the giant attempting to kill our God-given purpose.

To pursue and take back what the thief stole from us. (Peace, Joy, Love, Integrity). Take It Back!

We’re here to pursue purity because we’re tired of struggling with impure thoughts, and sexual strongholds. 

Tap into your inner strength, the love, power, and sound mind (Sober, Self-Control, Disciplined). God gave you.

Move as Warriors for the Kingdom! Move as a Woman who's Obedient to God’s Call. We want Him to get all of the glory.

This is a Call To Action! 

Welcome Healed Woman, Woman of Power and Faith!

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