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10 Steps is a devotional and workbook to keep you in step with the Spirit.

It's designed especially for single ladies who made the choice to abstain from fronication and remain pure in mind body and spirit. This book is made to make an impact in the lives of God's Daughters.

To the women struggling to sever the strings attached to her soul, to keep her in the same spot in life here's how to cut them so you can be loosed!


10 Steps provides principles and tools that have helped countless women to untangle their heart, will,  and emotions from sexual bonds!

Anastasia ministers the warm encouragement you need to obtain total deliverance.


On the other side of your breakthrough is peace, healing, and finding meaning and purpose in life.

This guide will help you to permanently sever the ties, stay consistent in your sobriety, and have the strenght God gave you to remain cleansed by His blood, to step into the future He's created you for!

Break the unhealthy cycle...

You are not alone.






"10 Steps To Sexual Sobriety"

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